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Secured by Siip

Siip allows organisations to connect, encrypt and use government-issued identification documents for ticketing, online shopping, banking and other identification required registrations.

Organisations use Siip because they need verified identities and Siip provides just that.


Easily apply for a Siip account in a few simple steps

Just once

You only have to register a Siip account once. We know that entering data is tedious. So, we'll get you through it as smooth as possible.

Minimal data

A Siip account requires a phone number, e-mail address and an identification document. And from the latter, we only need the document number, expiration - and birth date.

Document scanner

Our easy-to-use document scanner allows you to add your identification document in the blink of an eye.

Get linked

Connect your passport, driver license and ID-card

Make it personal

By linking your identification document to your user acocunt, it becomes a personal account. Siip is the only identity provider that guarantees that a single person can have only one user account.

All verified

We verify your phone number. We verify your email address. We verify the authenticity of your identification document. We do everything in our power to protect your identity.

Control your identity

We give you full control over your Siip identity. You can manage all your personal data, and data sharing preferences in the Siip area of the app.


Smart encryption and privacy by design

Smart encryption

Your personal information is stored in an encrypted vault. Your access to the venue can only be checked by using your physical identification document. Our smart solution allows us to provide access control at the venue without sharing the data of your identification document.

Privacy by design

The Siip identity provider was designed with your privacy in mind. The Siip identity providers and the Stubs app fully comply with all GDPR requirements.

Our commitment

We are committed to protecting your data and to never use it inappropriately. We are committed to honesty and transparency.

Never leave a copy

It is still common practice to leave a copy of your passport at the notary, a hotel, your landlord or the gym. With Siip this is no longer necessary.
So, our advice: refuse to leave a copy!

QR code

We provide a continuously changing QR code as a secure alternative for event organisers who don't want to require their visitors to bring their identification document to the venue.

Control data sharing

You are in full control over the data we share with event organisers. We will never share personal data with any third party without your explicit consent. The data of your identification document will never be shared.

powered by Siip

Enter by identity

Stubs uses Siip to make your identification document become your entry ticket to concerts, festivals and sports events. This means that tickets are personal by default.

Prevent fraud

Your identity is linked to your entry. There is no way someone else can enter the venue on your behalf.

Control ticket resale

Stubs does not prevent reselling your ticket, but merely services the ticketshop to pass along tickets to other people for the original ticket price.

Customer journey

Stubs is not a ticketshop, but provides a service to ticketshops. Customers still buy their tickets at the ticketshop the way they are used to. After that they link their tickets to their Siip identity.

Ticket lottery

Stubs allows ticketshops to organise a ticket lottery for events that are expected to sell out. Customers personally apply for a ticket using their Siip identity. After that, fate determines who can buy a ticket, giving everyone the same fair chance.